Decorative plates

Why are they so cheap? They are pdf downloads for you to print at home.

Each sheet comes in four different sizes, but all of them can be printed at home or in any stationery store, because they are standard sizes, A3 and A4.

The four sizes are due to the fact that, for each standard A3 and A4 format, we have created 2 presentations, one at full size, and one at passepartout size, with the drawing centered to fit the passepartouts.

And why these sizes? Because they fit perfectly to the vast majority of Ikea frames. Ikea frames are very cool, you can buy them all over the world and some of them are very cheap.

I love the idea of decorating rooms with sets of prints that have something in common, whether it's the motif, the colors, the compositions.

It gives it a harmony that cannot be achieved with a single painting.

Being so cheap, these games, you can vary the decoration of your walls, when you feel like it, without spending a lot of money.

It's an idea that I started seeing in ETSY, that marketplace of beautiful things, and that has been generalized everywhere.

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