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Embroidery Stickers or Stick and Stitch

Embroidery stickers or Stick and Stitch are the BEST way to TRANSFER the pattern to the fabric. In fact, they are also called embroidery transfers.

It doesn't smudge like tracing paper, you don't need a light table and best of all, you transfer the perfect drawing, just as it is drawn.

How are embroidery stickers used?

It is as easy as you see in the videos.

We have a lot of designs for your embroideries:

  • Packs of loose flower stickers for you to make the composition to your liking.
  • Packs of flower stickers with the composition already made.
  • Sticker packs for children's embroidery, such as funny animals and adorable animals.
  • Thematic sticker packs, for example, Mafalda, Tigers, Rays and stars, By the pool...
  • Stickers for embroidering decorative frames: Peace, Dream, Anita...

Little by little we are adding designs to our collection. Don't miss them!

Embroidery stickers to customize your garments

By embroidering your garments you can personalize them, or give them a second life.

I embroidered a pair of ecru jeans with yellow, white and orange flowers coming out of the back pocket.

They were as cool as you can see in the video.

I used one of the stickers from the Funny Spring pack.

What about you? What garment are you going to customize with our stickers?

We can't wait to see your embroideries, tag us on Instagram, please! @telatatis

Stick and Stitch for decorative frames

A very cool way to decorate is with an embroidery frame.

It's like a square but round. It is very fashionable, I keep seeing it in decoration posts.

I have in my room the embroidered frames with Celia and Camille stickers. They are 4 women's faces, it's like having portraits but made with thread.

The Celia and Camille packs are designed to not think, to relax and disconnect. The idea is to embroider the lines with a single color thread and a single type of stitch, for example, backstitch.

Embroidery. Soluble stickers for embroidery or Stick and Stitch and embroidery patterns.
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Embroidery. Soluble stickers for embroidery or Stick and Stitch and embroidery patterns.
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In TELATATIS you will find soluble STICKERS for embroidery or STICK and STITCH and embroidery PATTERNS. Embroidery is super easy!
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