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Fabrics per meter

Do you want to buy fabrics by the metre? Here you have the coolest ones... And if you want to know a little more about the metre, as a unit of measurement of length, keep reading this article... Fabrics by the metre At Telatatis we sell fabrics by the metre. Just like the rest of the shops, at least like the rest of the shops in Spain. ...

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estampado olivia 1 en gasa tupida

Animal print fabrics

Want to buy the coolest animal print fabrics? Visit our shop: If you want to get ideas of animal print dresses, read on... Animal print fabrics In our collection of animal print fabrics you will find all kinds of prints that simulate the drawings of animal skins. Animal prints of cheetah, tiger, leopard, zebra, ...

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Online fabric shop

Telatatis is an online fabric shop and much more... do you want to see our fabrics? Here you have them: If you want to know more about our shop, keep reading this article... Telatatis online fabric shop. In this online fabric shop you can buy the most beautiful and fashionable fabrics. We want to tell you all about ...

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