Original fabrics

What will you find in our collection of original fabrics?

Well, prints that are the result of our creativity or that, although they are inspired by fashion brands or celebrities, we find creative. They are different prints, unique, special...

For example, original fabrics can be a pink or blue animal print, an umbrella print, a cat print, a motorbike print, a shoe print... anything that has a creative and special touch.

Ideas to make with original fabrics.

dress with a very original print: A very elegant dress for its cut, which offsets its seriousness with a print of umbrellas on an aqua green background. A drawing of summer inspiration, fresh and fun. The dresses with such different prints can be used, depending on the accessories that you put, both for celebrations and events and for a summer evening.
printed shirt: A special shirt made with a print of storks in flight is another very creative idea. Shirts with original printed fabricsThey look great to break the seriousness of a suit jacket, and give a very personal touch to the look. If you want to see the shirt we are talking about, click on the link.
party dress: A party dress with an abstract print is another of the creative ideas that we propose. Specifically a print with green motifs on a white background. It may seem a simple proposal but it is surprising how special it is. If you want to see this dress and many others as cool as this one, visit our Pinterest profile.
summer dress: A summer dress with a beautiful print of colorful giraffes. It is a different drawing, both for the motif, as for the colors used, which are not at all usual for these animals. This dress is definitely one of the most original dresses we've seen lately. If you want to see dresses with so original fabrics follow the link.
Floral shirt: I know what you're thinking, how can a flower shirt be an original piece of clothing? Well, follow the link and you'll find out. The small white flowers form diamonds on a navy blue background. The creative thing about this garment is that a flower print becomes a geometric pattern. But there's more, the Celeb who wears this shirt, combines it with shorts with a print in the same tones, in navy blue and white. Who said that you can't combine prints! And they are also original printed fabrics. A 10 for this look!
Mini cocktail dress: A cocktail dress with white spots on a navy blue background. The cut of the dress has a straight body with ruffles around the neckline, sleeveless and mini skirt with ruffles. It is a beauty.

More original fabric ideas on Pinterest

In our Pinterest profile we have hundreds of ideas of dresses with original printed fabrics. Just visit us for inspiration.

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