Children's fabrics

For children and not so children.

In this collection you will find children's fabrics. Although it is not a section designed exclusively for girls. With these fabrics we can make women's dresses with a childish, sappy, funny touch, but we can also make dresses for girls. Some of the drawings are original, others are fun, others are sappy or cheesy, you will also find drawings of comic...

We have animal prints, stripes, checkered, with sailor motifs, small flowers...

And we will be incorporating many more children's prints, for example:

Of unicorns, butterflies, dragonflies and ladybirds,

Of pineapples, watermelons, strawberries and many more fruits

Of swans, swallows, storks, royal birds and many more birds.

Of starfish, whales, fish, mermaids and mermaids

Of Indians, arrows, and cowboys

Of foxes, bears and raccoons, of tigers, lions and giraffes, ...

The great thing about children's prints is that there is no limit!

Cotton fabrics for children such as piqué, stretch knit...

Have you noticed the children's clothes nowadays?

Well, we do.

How could we not notice if we love it! We admit it, we've bought t-shirts at Zara Kids and in the children's section of Benetton. They are so cute, they have very cool drawings, very original cuts... and they are super cheap. Besides, the size 16 for girls fits perfectly for a size M or 40.

But back to the topic of children's clothes. Children's fashion brands like Zara Kids, Benetton kids, Mayoral, Gocco no longer have the typical children's clothes, with the typical children's fabrics. Now the clothes for kids are like adult clothes but in a reduced format.

Yes, children's fashion brands dress children like little men, with their jeans, their plaid shirts, their dark clothes...

Something similar happens with the little girl's clothes. The little girls are dressed like little women, even with their little bags, scarves and other women's accessories.

In this context, in which the only difference between a woman's clothes and a child's is the size, is where our section of children's fabrics makes sense.

As we have already told you, our brand creates fabrics for women's clothing, but within these fabrics, there are some that, either by the reason for the pattern, or their colors .. seem to us that we could also use to make little girls dresses.

We don't have Disney fabrics!

We don't have Disney fabrics! We have fabrics for women's dresses with a childish air, with which you can also make dresses for girls, but we do not work with Disney fabrics.

Ideas with children's fabrics

We give you some ideas to make with children's fabrics. We have taken ideas from magazines, fashion blogs... of women's dresses made with children's fabrics.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Baby fabric or plaid fabric: With a baby plaid fabric in blue tones, we can make a summer mini dress trapeze cut, is a very childish dress, and cheesy, but it's cute. If you complement it with a pair of ballerinas and a matching box bag, it will still be a sappy look, but if you complement it with a denim jacket and platforms, it is no longer so cheesy. If you want to see the dress with children's fabric we're talking about, follow the link.
  • Kitten fabric: With a fabric of black and white cats on a camel background you can make a coat with a childish air that is cute. Despite being a very original print, it is compensated by the neutral background color (camel) so you have an original and discreet garment at the same time. Click on the link if you want to see this coat with children's print fabric that we talked about.

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