Geometric fabrics

Prints formed by stripes, triangles, squares, polygons, repeating prints that form geometric shapes...

We also include in geometric prints shapes that are repeated, for example, we have a geometric print of flowers, in which the flowers form a mesh of diamonds. They are geometric and original at the same time!

Fabrics with geometric prints have the property of creating an optical illusion depending on the angle at which you look at them. So you'll never get tired of a geometric print!

Geometric prints are becoming more and more fashionable. Magazines and fashion blogs describe them as chic prints, and praise the women who wear them.

Telatatis fabrics with geometric prints

These are some of our fabrics with geometric prints

Ideas to make with geometric patterned fabrics

We give you some ideas to make with geometric fabrics that we have taken from our favorite fashion magazines, and some specialized fashion blogs.

Here they come!

Top: A geometric patterned top, also referred to as a fantasy print. Super eye-catching! The colours of the print are orange, klein blue and white. Pair it with a camel straight skirt or with jeans or trousers. This top got rave reviews. If you want to see the geometric print fabric top we are referring to, follow the link.
Cocktail dress: cocktail dress with a discreet geometric print. The white print on black background, gives the impression of lace. Given the importance of the fabric, the cut of the dress is very simple, trapeze dress, with skirt just above the knees. It is a very elegant garment with a touch of originality provided by the beautiful geometric pattern. Look at the dress we are referring to, you will love it!
Skirt and shirt set: A good idea is to combine garments with different geometric patterns but with the same color tones. We have seen this look and we have been surprised and delighted at the same time. The colors chosen for the prints of both the shirt and the skirt are earthy colors, white and black. It's a great look, you have to see these fabrics with geometric prints!
Shirt with geometric print: An original shirt with white flowers on a navy blue background. You may be wondering what do flowers have to do with geometric print fabrics? Well, the flowers are lined up forming a mesh of diamonds. Depending on how you look at the shirt, it will look like a flower shirt or a geometric print shirt. That's the fun of these prints. If you want to see the shirt with geometric print fabrics to which we refer, click on the link, is a Trendencias magazine article in which they rated this look as look of the week.

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