Ethnic fabrics

The most authentic ethnic and tribal fabrics.

Arabian prints, Indian prints, American Indian prints, African prints, Oriental prints... and prints that although they are not 100% ethnic, they have an air of their colors or their shapes.

Ethnic prints are often used a lot in summer. We see them in flashy summer dresses in hippy or boho environments.

The trend of using fabrics with tribal prints in cocktail or party dresses is taking hold... creating very racial dresses, with character.

Ideas to make with ethnic fabrics

  • Mini dress: A party or cocktail mini dress with a striking print in oranges, greens, reds... contrast colors very typical of ethnic fabrics. As the print is already so important, the cut of the dress is super simple, so it compensates. It is a trapeze cut with a skirt above the knee. Look at the dress we are referring to, sure you too will be encouraged to make your own tribal dress!
  • Cocktail dress: A midi cocktail dress, very simple cut, straight, sleeveless, with a tribal-inspired print. The colors of the print, this time are not contrasting or striking, on the contrary, are dark blue and white. What stands out from the fabric are the shapes of the drawing. The final touch, we give it with some accessories in light green, resulting in a sophisticated look. Look at the dress with ethnic fabric to which we refer in the link above.
  • Jumpsuit for celebrations: A beautiful jumpsuit with arabic inspired print for the detail of the geometry. The tones of the jumpsuit are a combination of browns, ochres, earth tones and blue. This print evokes the Middle East... It is a beauty. Click on the link and you will see the jumpsuit to which we refer.

More ethnic fabric ideas on Pinterest

On our Pinterest boards we have saved more ideas of ethnic dresses, check out our TELATATIS profile!

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