Flower fabrics

big flowers, small flowers... roses, daisies... all colors, white, blue, red flowers...

Floral fabrics are a basic, they never go out of fashion. What changes every season is the type of print, for example, we have been a few seasons in which the fabrics of small flowers, very small, are fashionable.

In spring and summer we see floral dresses in bright colors. In autumn and winter, although there are still floral dresses, they are in more muted tones.

Floral prints are a classic in celebrations such as weddings, communions and baptisms.

The 19/20 season has been exceptional because the floral prints dominated over the rest of the prints. It's something that we had seen on few occasions, and is that floral prints are not the favorite of the firms for autumn-winter. But the floral prints that are used in these cold, rainy and dark months are very different from the ones we wear in spring or summer. Floral prints for the cold usually have muted tones, like still life, like those flowers that we dry between the leaves of books, because that's how their tones are.

However, the flower prints that we see in spring are the opposite, they are bright and vibrant colors, flashy, like red, pink or orange.

Speaking of spring prints, get ready because this spring the star print is going to be the floral print. Above the polka dot print and even above the animal print. We already saw this trend on the catwalks of Milan and now the low cost brands confirm it, their windows are full of flowers and we love it!

Now you can go equip yourself for this spring so feminine and cheerful that comes to us, here we leave you images of some of our featured floral fabrics.

Ideas with flower fabrics.

Here are some ideas to make with flower fabrics that we have found in magazines and fashion blogs.

  • large flowered skirt: A skirt with big, huge flowers. A skirt with a lot of volume, for parties or galas. In shades of pink, grey and pastel yellow. Combine this skirt with a black top or a white shirt and you will have an incredible result. If you want to see the skirt we are referring to, follow the link.
  • red flower dress: A stunning red flower dress. A midi cut dress, with fitted body and skirt with flight. A print of red flowers on a white background. This dress is perfect for summer. Click on the link and see the dress we are talking about, you will love it!
  • vboho or vintage style: A long floral dress, with flowers in shades of lilac, green and yellow. The cut of the dress is boho, skirt with ruffles and much flight, lace ... is a beauty, it has a vintage air ... If you want to see the dress in question, follow the link!

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