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How is textile printing done?
Currently there are several textile printing techniques. We explain a little about two of the most used techniques: textile sublimation and direct digital printing.
Textile sublimation:
Sublimation is the process of going directly from solid to vapour, without passing through the liquid state at any time.

How is sublimation applied to textile printing?

By applying heat to a previously printed paper, we get the ink to turn into steam and adhere to the fabric, thus transferring the drawing from the paper to the fabric.

This technique is usually applied to print white fabrics with a high percentage of polyester.

Sublimation printing allows for breathability, which makes this technique ideal for technical fabrics.

The finish of the prints made by textile sublimation is perfect, with a photographic definition.

As advantages over other textile printing techniques, we highlight the following:

It does not fade, nor does the colour fade, as the ink has chemically fused with the fabric.
It does not form a film that prevents perspiration, but on the contrary, if the fabric is breathable, it will remain so after sublimation.
It is a very quick procedure.
There are no limits to the range of colours.
Its finish is perfect.
Your costs are low.

The only disadvantage of this technique is that it can only be applied to white fabrics with a high percentage of polyester in their composition.
Direct digital textile priming
This technique is what you are already imagining: a printer that prints on fabric.

In other words, it applies the inks directly onto the fabric.

The advantages of direct textile printing are:

Small quantities of fabric can be printed.
It admits a great variety of colours.
High definition finishes.
Very fast technique.
Not as much ink is consumed as in other techniques.
The texture of the printed fabric is similar to the texture of the rest of the fabric.

If you want to know more about direct textile printing or if you want to print a drawing or photo on a t-shirt, cap... there are a lot of digital printing websites, for example, Rafasshop

The digital design of a textile print
Want to see how to design a textile print? Watch this video about the digital drawing process of the Blake 2 print.

digital design of the Blake 2 textile print

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