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Hello, this is Telatatis:


The first thing is to introduce ourselves: We are Telatatis. We love prints, sewing, handicrafts, graphic design...

We started drawing textile prints for our own sewing projects. It was so successful among our acquaintances, that we decided to create an online fabric shop.

Little by little, we have been incorporating other products, all designed by us, such as patterns and sewing kits, t-shirts and decorative sheets.

All created by us, with our prints.

This project is just starting, so if you like what you see now, don't miss out on what's to come!


Our sewing projects

In this section you will find both patterns and kits to make our sewing projects.

Each sewing project includes the patterns or sewing kit, a step-by-step guide and a tutorial on our Youtube channel.

How to make a giraffe backpack

How to make a star cushion

Above are the step-by-step tutorials for the giraffe backpack and the star cushion. 

The giraffe backpack is one of our star projects. We liked it so much when we posted a video showing it on Instagram, that we decided to sell the patterns and the sewing kit.

The star cushion is one of our most watched tutorials. Don't miss it!

All video tutorials can be found both on the product page and on our Youtube channel,

Also, we will send you the link by email when you purchase the patterns, so you don't have to look for the video.

Before the launch of each project, on Instagram we give you the opportunity to get discounts on the patterns or the pdf guide to make the project.

Follow us on Instagram and take advantage of all these special benefits for our followers.

Hello, hello, this is Telatatis!

This is how our introductory video begins.


What content can you find on our channel?

Not only will you find video tutorials, we also have trailers presenting our projects and quick mini tutorials for which you won't need to buy our patterns or sewing kits.

Among our playlists, you can find the following.

Hand embroidery for beginners. Mafalda1? Easy, fast and modern. Step by step tutorial.

In this tutorial we embroider drawings from our Mafalda pattern on a sweatshirt.

This is a special embroidery for Mafalda fans (myself included).

It is also perfect for beginners. All of you who are just starting to embroider can do this project as it is very simple. 

In the tutorial we explain which threads to use for which part of the pattern, which frame you need and how to transfer the pattern to the sweatshirt.

To start with, backstitches and full or satin stitches are ideal.

Also, this tutorial is quick so you don't get bored, but at the same time, we explain everything you need to know. It is subtitled in a lot of languages. You're sure to find yours...

Happy embroidering!


Hand embroidery for beginners. Patterns and tutorials.

Step by step embroidery patterns and tutorials. Learning to embroider is easy and fun. With modern and very cool patterns. We explain each stitch: satin stitch, backstitch, chain stitch...

You will also learn what materials to use: threads, hoops, embroidery stabilising papers, soluble adhesive papers...

We give you ideas and embroidery projects to personalise sweatshirts, t-shirts, little girl's dresses, household linen, decorative pictures...

Embroidery is easy and cool! Try it with us!

How to make children's cushions.

A compilation of our children's cushion tutorials, both those we make with our patterns and those we make with our "CUT AND SEW" sewing kits, as well as tutorials from other channels that we have liked.

This is the tutorial to make an embroidered teddy bear cushion with our craft templates. It's cute, isn't it?

With this tutorial and the patterns you can make Tom, the teddy bear backpack. You can make it in felt or fabric. It's A4 size, so you can put books and notebooks in it. Let's go to school with Tom!

How to make children's backpacks out of fabric.

Tutorials to make our children's fabric backpacks and also tutorials from other channels that we have liked.

We are expanding our collection of children's backpacks. For the time being, here is the tutorial for my favourite backpack, Tom, the teddy bear backpack.


Our crafts and a compilation of crafts from other channels.

Among our crafts, you will find some for adults, some for children and some to do together. 

We have tried to add an educational touch to the children's crafts, for example, in the Crazy Universe birthday crown, in which your little ones can learn what they would find in the universe if they went for a space walk: planets, satellites, comets, rockets, asteroids, stars, moons, spaceships... Plus a touch of fun, putting funny faces on the cartoons.

How to make Christmas decorations with felt is proving very successful.

Many of you have already decided to make your own Christmas decorations following this tutorial. And I know that you have made them with the help of the little ones at home.

We loved the photos you sent us of rooms decorated with these decorations. Thank you very much!

How to make a fabric scrunchie is one of the most watched tutorials. Is it because it's super fast? I don't know, but don't miss it!

Sewing projects

All our sewing projects, those made with our patterns, those made without them, those made with our sewing kits, and those that don't need patterns or sewing kits, you just need to watch the video.

Among our projects, you will find bags, backpacks, t-shirts, headbands, turbans, embroidery, home decoration, cushions, personalisation of garments...

Telatatis on Instagram: @Telatatis

Costura, bordados y manualidades. Patrones, guías paso a paso y kits. Además láminas decorativas y camisetas estampadas!
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Sewing, embroidery and crafts. Patterns, step-by-step guides and kits. Also, decorative sheets and printed T-shirts!
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What will you find in TELATATIS? Patterns, guides and kits for sewing, embroidery and crafts. Decorative prints to download online. Plus, beautiful printed T-shirts. Look, look, look!
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